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Legacy Firm

Legacy Firm

Alan Niemann, CEO and Founder of Adaptation Financial has been helping clients build their legacies for 38 years with one goal in mind – taking care of his clients, employees, and their families. Especially over the last 5 years, Niemann has been working towards ensuring his clients and team members will continue to be cared for after his departure. Most advisors have this same concern about whether it is better to find a successor from within the firm or sell to a third party. Niemann has decided that a third option is the best course of action to ensure his clients and employees are cared for – Adaptation Financial becoming a legacy firm.

A legacy that involves team members and their children and grandchildren that is built on a foundation of professional development, financial education, values, and shared experiences.  This encourages mentorship and networking among team members and may create professional and social connections that last for generations. Adaptation Financial wants to foster a sense of belonging and continuity, and the legacy extends as children and grandchildren follow in their family members' footsteps by joining the firm. The legacy of Adaptation Financial goes beyond the family by positively influencing the financial industry, contributing to the community, fostering team member development, and leaving a mark on the broader financial landscape through ethical practices, innovation, and thoughtful leadership. We want to have a vital role in shaping the financial future for both our clients and the industry as a whole.

 In March 2021, Avery Niemann began with Adaptation Financial to act as a liaison for the family and the firm after Alan was in a motorcycle accident and unable to be in the office for a period of time. Avery is currently based in Denver, Colorado, and has worked her way to becoming Adaptation Financials’ Chief Administrative Officer.

In August 2022, Ashton Niemann was welcomed into the firm as a Financial Advisor. Ashton graduated from TCU where she received a bachelor’s degree in finance and was actively involved on campus through holding leadership positions in her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. She is now the lead advisor of the Adaptation Financial Houston, Texas location.